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SENTRA Consulta Capitales

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(5255) 5342-9081
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(5255) 5342-9079

SENTRA Consulta is a service exclusively developed for the Brokerage Houses in Mexico, as an information terminal. Is a system developed and managed by the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), which Brokerages have access to equities market’s facts and Purchase-Sale Positions information.The Electronic System for Negotiation, Transaction, Register and Allocation of Equities Query shows real time information, has an overall view of the positions, and identifies the best investment options.

It gives complete information, giving the reliability of interacting with a devise that considers all the legal disposes of the market and financial authorities, based on an advanced-technological platform.

In order to obtain further information related to this service, please contact:


+52 (55) 5342 9079

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