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About Bolsa

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Trading and Operations

The trading of equity and certain debt listed instruments is done directly through Bolsa, whereas our futures and options listings are done through MexDer. SIF ICAP acts as an intermediate agent specialized in Over-The-Counter debt and derivative instruments.


Bolsa looks for new debt and equity listings from Mexican and foreign issuers, mutual funds and warrants.

Custody, Clearing and Settlement

Indeval, Asigna and CCV provide custody, clearing and settlement services for operations carried out through or brokerage houses and OTC markets. In the specific case of Asigna and CCV, they guarantee the fulfillment of the operations done by said brokerages. The custody, clearing and settlement business consists primarily in the following:

Counterparty Services

CCV acts as the central counterparty in the trades done by Bolsa, and Asigna acts as counterparty in the trades carried out in MexDer. Additionally, both CCV and Asigna operate a security network that allows each one of them to have access to the mandatory contributions made by each one of the market participants as a means to cover the trades that hadn’t been fulfilled by one or more participants.

Settlement Services

Indeval acts as the central deposit for all the securities traded in Bolsa. Additionally, Indeval also acts as central deposit, clearing, and settlement agents both for governmental and banking securities.

Data Sales

Our business is complemented with the wide variety of data sales services that we offer to the brokerage firms and to other financial institutions. We provide market information through Bolsa, MexDer and SIF ICAP. Additionally, we offer products and services regarding price information, and risk management through Valmer.


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