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Sectoral Analytical

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Jessica Liliana Rayon Soto (5255) 5342-9089
Indices Specialist
Pavel Esquivel Vazquez (5255) 5342-9083
Indices and Statistics Deputy Managing Director
Ruben Alfonso Perera Santos (5255) 5342-9050
Information Products, Indices and Statistics Director

Since March 2009, BMV has a new industry classification. The new structure considers four classification levels, making a total of 10 sectors.

  • SECTOR I – Energy
  • SECTOR II – Materials
  • SECTOR III – Industrials
  • SECTOR IV – Consumer Discretionary & Services
  • SECTOR V – Consumer Staples
  • SECTOR VI – Health Care
  • SECTOR VII – Financial Services
  • SECTOR VIII – Information Technology
  • SECTOR IX – Telecommunication Services
  • SECTOR X – Utilities

The following are the seven indices corresponding to the previously classification:

Index Industry

SE2000 S&P/BMV Materials Sector Index

                SE3000 S&P/BMV Industrials Sector Index

                SE4000          S&P/BMV Consumer Discretionary Sector Index

                SE5000 S&P/BMV Consumer Staples Sector Index

                SE6000 S&P/BMV Health Care Sector Index

SE7000 S&P/BMV Financial Sector Index

                SE9000 S&P/BMV Telecomunication Services Sector Index

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