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Types of Indices

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Juan David Uvence Chimal (5255) 5342-9080
Index Manager | Equities
Mariana García Hinojosa (5255) 5342-9278
Indices Analyst
Marlen Ramírez Lagunas (5255) 5342-9031
Indices Analyst
Pavel Esquivel Vazquez (5255) 5342-9083
Indices & Statistics Assistant Director
Rubén Alfonso Perera Santos (5255) 5342-9950
Market Data Products & Indices, Managing Director

The Mexican Stock Exchange Indices, depending on their specialty and approach, are indicators that intend to reflect the Mexican stock market behavior like a whole, or also by grouping some issuers who share a certain characteristic.

These indices are known as Simple Return Indices, as they take for their calculation the prices fluctuations due to the market's own behavior.

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