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(5255) 5342-9081
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Market Data
(5255) 5342-9079

Service that provides trading information of the Issuer´s listed at the Mexican Stock Exchange, 100% customizable to the Corporate Identity, interactive and with 20 minutes of deleyed delivery in the company´s website.

This  allow the trading public to observe the behaviour of te Stock.

This information service delivers the issuer’s trades at the Local and Global Market, aditionally provides indeces information, the data is provided with 20 minutes delayed and it is delivered on XML format.

*The contract is per index or issuer.

These data are:

  • Issuer
  • Serie
  • Enterprise Name
  • Hour
  • Last Price
  • Previous Price
  • PPP
  • Variation at percent
  • Variation at price
  • Trades Number
  • Volume
  • Amount
  • Max Price
  • Min Price
  • Sell Volume
  • Sell Price
  • Buy Volume
  • Buy Price
  • Date
  • Open Price

The annual fee of this service is USD $3,250.00.

Next please download the technological manual.

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