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Web Services

Issuers Information with a delay of 20 minutes, ideal for web developments, fully customizable. 

Request operational information of the Equities market through our web service.

Last price, volume, amount, maximum, minimum.

Type of information: Delay Information (20 minutes)

Technology: WebService Protocol. 

   Tips :Personalize your Website in a simple way, with some of our solutions.

Available Services



Value Card 


This service delivers online the operations of an Issuer made in the Local or Global Market, additionally provides index information, these operations are provided with a delay of 20 minutes and the information is sent in XML format.

Information service of the listed  Issuers on the BMV, 100% customizable to the Corporate Image, interactive and with 20 minutes of delay delivered through its internet sites; it provides an effective operational alternative for the general public.

Note: the hiring is by index or Issuer.


Ticker, Series, Company Name, Time, Last Price, Previous Price, PPP, Percentage Variation, Variation in Points, Number of Operations, Volume, Amount, Maximum Price, Minimum Price, Sales Volume, Sale Price, Volume of Purchase, Purchase Price, Date, Opening Price.

Basic Widget:
Most relevant information of an instrument in a completely customizable box.

Widget with button Chart: 
Most relevant information of an instrument in a completely customizable box, including a basic or interactive chart.

Widget with Button Value Card:
Relevant information of an Instrument during the auction session, with the option to display a detailed Value Sheet and analysis charts.

Value Card: Detailed representation of the Issuer and its price in the auction session.

A carousel that displays the contributions of the IPC Issuers with a delay of 20 minutes.



Document Description Update Date
Web Services Specification Web Services Specification: Issuers, Indices, XBRL and SIC Corporates  

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