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The INTRA Datafeed service allows The Mexican Stock Exchange to disseminate information in Real Time basis on the stock, fixed-income, financial information and other securities-market information available through this exchange.

The benefits of this system are mainly the information available in the shortest possible time for the BMV’s users.

It is a self-regulating system, so detects itself data transmission failures or interruptions and recovers them automatically without human intervention.

The INTRA / SIVA TCP Datafeed has the following Transmission Formats, such as: Money Market, Capital Market, Financial Information, Complementary Financial Information, General Information, Derivatives Information (MexDer).

This service transmits tick by tick information from Equities Market, Global Market and Derivatives, real time data of more than 80 indices with their constituents and weights, Equities and Global Market Depht at five and ten levels, value added products like INAV’s, ISIN numbers, Benchmarks, ETF’s real time prices and Mutual Funds information, etc.




The system sends everything being generated at the BMV, sending the information according to the configured formats applying the respective selectivity for each specific user.

SIVA TCP makes automatically link and data transmission functions, just at the moment it detects when a user is ready to receive information.


  • TCP/IP Protocol.
  • Send the registries to the user as soon as they are recollected.
  • Each one of the sent registries has a consecutive sequence number that is allocated at the generation moment.
  • The total of registries is sent and filters only the confidential and selective information that belongs to each User.
  • The transmission failure recovery is automatic.
  • It has monitor and automatic failure recovery processes.
  • If a Transmitting Device falls affects only the allocated user.
  • Online validation of the received registry.
  • Automatic retransmission.
Document Description Publication Date
SIVA TCP Specification SIVA TCP product description and formats. November 11th, 2017
MDT Specification MDT product description and formats. November 11th, 2017
Price List until December 2017 Market Data Price List. January 1st, 2017
Price List 2018 Market Data Price List for 2018. October 10th, 2017
Real Time Vendors Vendor Address Book. April 4th, 2017
Delay Vendors Vendor Address Book April 4th, 2017
Connections Minimum Technical Requirements (Communications), operation schedule and IP addresses of test and production environments. June 1st, 2016
Reporting Format Reporting format for the users of INTRA Datafeed that forward the information. November 15, 2017


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