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SiBolsa is the platform for the provision of stock exchange and financial information.

This platform bundles Real-Time information of the capital market of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

SiBolsa terminal uses state-of-the-art information technologies through the use of the Windows platform and Internet to receive data from anywhere just by having a broadband account or Internet access.

SiBolsa is a system that makes the following available to you:

  • Configurable monitors
  • Graphics
  • Technical analysis with the main indicator
  • Historical series exportable to Excel

The deployment of SiBOLSA is simple and immediate. It only requires downloading the software and loading it into your PC to connect instantly to the Mexican stock exchange and financial world and obtain a reference of the main international markets.

SiBolsa offers the following contents:

  • Capital Market
  • Global Capital Market
  • Fixed Income
  • Warrants
  • Investment Companies
  • Benchmarks of the Mexican debt market generated by Valmer
  • Reference rates of the money market generated by Valmer
  • Peso-dollar during the day
  • Reference of the main currencies
  • Fundamental Data of the Corporate Bonds
  • MexDer quotations (Futures, Warrants and Stapled Trade)
  • National news with the option to contract international news
  • Summary of the most important corporate news
  • Bonds Calculator
  • National and International Macroeconomic Indicators

The system enables to export the information in Real-Time, maintaining its links to provide for a dynamic update, having also a graphics tool that will allow you to conduct technical analyses with the main indicators.

It also has the quarterly financial information of the issuers listed in the Capital Market, the summary of the market trading, the detail of the transactions carried out by each Stockbrokerage Firm and by each of the issuers, repurchases, relevant events, market multiples, underwriting prospectuses, historical price information, etc.

It integrates quotations of the market of origin of the stocks of the global market, offering the user the option to contract them in Real-Time or on a deferred-time basis, with the prices of the main international reference indices.

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