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Corporate Governance

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Board Members

The management of ours business relies on our Board of Directors, which is currently conformed by 15 proprietary advisors and their deputies. Our current advisors and their deputies were appointed or ratified in our Shareholder’s Meeting and will continue to be so until the next Annual Meeting.

Regarding the Securities Market Law, at least 25% of the member of the Board of Directors of a public company must be independent. Regarding to our bylaws, the majority of the members of our Board of Directors is independent, and at least the majority of the members of each one of our Committees must be independent, except for the Auditing Committee and the Committees of Corporate Practices, Disciplinary, Normative, and Securities Listing, where the total members must be independent.


Jaime Ruíz Sacristan

Independent Directors

Francisco Gil Diaz

Alfonso González Migoya

Ricardo Gutiérrez Muñoz

Alberto Navarro Rodríguez

Eduardo Valdés Acra

Fernando Ruiz Sahagún

Alberto Torrado Martinez

Claudio X. González Laporte

José L. Guerrero Álvarez Alternate

Institutional Advisors

Jaime Ruíz Sacristan Owner

Luis Robles Miaja Owner 

Carlos Hank González Owner

Ernesto Ortega Arellano Owner

Carlos Bremer Gutiérrez Owner

Juan Bordes Aznar Owner

Carlos Rojo Macedo Owner

Tomás Christian Ehrenberg Aldford Alternate

Marcos Martínez Gavica Alternate

Eduardo Cepeda Fernández Altenate

Edgardo Mauricio Cantú Delgado Alternate


Francisco J. Pérez Cisneros Owner

Guillermo Roa Luvianos Alternate


Rafael Robles Miaja Owner

María Luisa Petricioli Castellón Alternate



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