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Independent Analyst

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Centro de Atención a Emisoras (CAE) 5342-9123

The BMV has developed the Independent Analyst program in order to provide the public with objective analysis of economic, administrative and financial information on all the issuing companies listed, thus creating a more transparent market and generating more interest in investing on the part of the various types of investors.


  • Encourages larger floats.
  • Analytical transparency thanks to the use of public information.
  • Timely information available to all investors (institutional, qualified, etc.)
  • Availability of the analysis in English and Spanish via the BMV’s website under the Issuers section.
  • Parallel creation of a professional analysis industry in Mexico.
  • Qualified analysts with high standards who maintain their independence from Issuers.
  • Will contribute to the analysis processes carried out by lending institutions
  • All Issuers listed on the BMV will receive analytical coverage and follow-up for their securities.
  • Increase and diversification of the shareholder base.
  • Higher trading activity and better price formation.
  • Will promote the Mexican securities market internationally.


Independent Analyst Issuers
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