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Programmable Databases

Acquire any of our databases in their different formats.


Tipo de Información:Type of information: Historical and Closing Information.


Technology: Information Delivery via Email and FTP

 TipsContact one of our advisors to find the Database that suits you.

Programmable Databases.

Receive some of our databases in an automatic form in your email and speed up your process at closing, consult us if you require the complete catalog of the information we have available.

Databases Description Market
Daily Trades Daily Trades of the Equities Market.  Equities 
Closing Prices Closing Prices of the Equities Market.  Equities
Closing Prices SIC Closing Prices of the Global Equities Market. Equities
Mutual Funds Prices Daily Prices of all the listed MF in the Exchange.; Equities/M.F.
Portfolio Mutual Funds Constitution of Mutual funds   Additional information.
Financial betas.  File with the financial Betas of the Equities Market.  Additional information.
Trading Summary by Brokerage Firm SIC  Brokers report that shows the operation they have had in the Global Market.  Additional information.
Marketability Index    Marketability Index of the Global Market.  Additional information.
Brokerage Tradeability  Brokers operation report.    Additional information.
Monthly Financial Information  Monthly Financial Information in different formats (consult your advisor) Additional information.
Current Debt  File with the list of current Debt instruments.  Additional information.
Market Maker by Brokerage House  File of Market Formats at the request of Brokerage House. Additional information.



Document Description Update Date
Price List 2019 Price List of 2019 Databases 25/04/2019

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