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Bloomberg supports the coverage and symbology of the Bloomberg Global Identifier (BBGID) for all tradeable securities at the Mexican Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores).

Each BBGID is now available in the Bloomberg’s Website without material obstacles of use. Please visit Bloomberg's Open Symbology Website at

  • ID Bloomberg offers wide coverage, real time availability without an additional fee, flexibility for multiple functions and allows internal mappings to alternative symbologies.
  • The Bloomberg Global ID (BBGID) is a random generated ID of 12 alphanumeric characters that cover active and non-active securities. In total will be more than 852 thousand million of available potential numbers.

HClick here to download the Mexican Exchange Security List at Bloomberg.

Refinitiv supports the symbology of all the financial securities listed in the BMV. The RIC  is a unique code used by Refinitiv to name a financial asset.

RIC allows clear security identification, makes easier its search, and simplifies the data management.

The symbology used by Refinitiv depends on the security type, which includes the ticker code, series and the Exchange Identifiers, that shows the market where the asset is traded.

To download the list of securities of BMV in Refinitiv, please click here.

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