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Corporate Communication

We are a group of companies that together offer comprehensive services to facilitate the operation and follow up of securities and derivatives markets in Mexico; supported by a modern and forefront technological infrastructure.

Companies that make up the group:

- MexDER

- Asigna

- Indeval


- Valmer

- Sif Icap



Our misión

"We make the operation of the securities and derivatives market in Mexico possible"

• Through an integrated business group, which covers all stages of stock market operations, such as promotion, execution of orders, settlement of transactions, custody and compensation, risk management, as well as the generation of information in real time and with added value.

• Supported by our talent and experience, which ensure competitiveness, high efficiency standards  and transparency in the provision of our services, as well as the optimal use of cutting-edge platforms and technology.

• With commitment and passion, to promote the growth and development of the country.


 Our vision

Maintain our leadership in the securities and derivatives markets, due to excellence of our services, experience and innovation, and in this way being a catalyst for economic progress.

Six values ​​essentially define our organization and provide the guide for action and performance of all of us who collaborate with pride in the BMV Group.

Teamwork unites our talent to achieve better results

Integrity guides all our actions.

Transparency is the basis of the trust we generate in the market

Innovation, the axis of transformation and continuous improvement

Customer Service is the priority in the execution of our activities

Excellence drives our daily work

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