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for(;;);({ "errorsCode" : [ ], "response" : { "data" : { "glosario" : [ { "idGlosario" : 49, "palabra" : "ADR (American Depository Receipts)", "descripcion" : "Receipts issued by an authorized bank, backed by deposited securities of a Mexican issuer and approved by the CNBV to be traded at foreign markets." }, { "idGlosario" : 50, "palabra" : "AJUSTABONOS (Floating Rate Inflation Referenced Bonds)", "descripcion" : "Government issued bonds. They are long term debt securities, periodically adjusted to inflation -as measured by the INPC-; the principal is paid at expiration." }, { "idGlosario" : 57, "palabra" : "ASIGNA", "descripcion" : "A trust administered by BBVA Bancomer S.A., identified as \"Asigna, Compensación y Liquidación\", whose purpose is to compensate and settle Futures and Options contracts, and act as a counterparty to every MexDer trade." }, { "idGlosario" : 87, "palabra" : "Account Agreement", "descripcion" : "Agreement between an investor and a broker-dealer in which the investor grants to the Institution the possibility to buy or sell shares in his or her name." }, { "idGlosario" : 169, "palabra" : "Account Executives", "descripcion" : "Brokerage Firm employees authorized by the CNBV to realize operations with the investors." }, { "idGlosario" : 162, "palabra" : "Adjusted Price", "descripcion" : "Resulting price by applying to the closing price of a stock, the value implied by the exercise of a corporate or monetary right decreed by the incumbent issuer. The adjusted price is calculated by the BMV." }, { "idGlosario" : 44, "palabra" : "Administration", "descripcion" : "The service of payment of the exercise of rights, either in kind or in cash, earned by the deposited securities." }, { "idGlosario" : 51, "palabra" : "Analysts", "descripcion" : "Individuals who are in charge of the study of the background, price history, fluctuations, financial statements and market ratios, with the purpose of evaluating and forecasting trends." }, { "idGlosario" : 55, "palabra" : "Arbitrage", "descripcion" : "A simultaneous buy and sell transactions by taking advantage of price's differentials in two or more markets. It consists in buying securities or currencies in markets where the price is lower and selling them where the price is higher." }, { "idGlosario" : 40, "palabra" : "Asset", "descripcion" : "Any valuable tangible or intangible good owned by a Company." }, { "idGlosario" : 81, "palabra" : "At the Close", "descripcion" : "End of a trading session, according to the official schedules. Registry of the trades and of the level achieved by the securities traded at the BMV during a given session." }, { "idGlosario" : 144, "palabra" : "At the Closing Trade", "descripcion" : "Procedure of order reception and assignment of securities in which the brokers register the buy or sell orders during an established time window, to be executed at the closing of the trading session using the closing prices." }, { "idGlosario" : 60, "palabra" : "BMV SENTRA", "descripcion" : "This acronym means: Electronic System for Trading, Transacting, Registration and Allotment. It is the system developed and managed by the BMV for the transaction and negotiation of securities in the stock market. With a mode for Capitals Market and Money Market." }, { "idGlosario" : 61, "palabra" : "BMV-SENTRA Debt Securities", "descripcion" : "It allows the negotiation of debt securities, providing the user with a modern, safe and reliable IT toolkit to participate in trading pits and bids from the participating brokers' money desks." }, { "idGlosario" : 59, "palabra" : "Banco de México", "descripcion" : "The Mexican Central Bank." }, { "idGlosario" : 38, "palabra" : "Banker's Acceptances", "descripcion" : "These letters of credit are issued to finance national or international commercial activities; they are issued by a Mexican corporation and accepted by a bank who has granted a credit line to such corporation. They are publicly offered and traded at the BMV or by a private offer to credit institutions to be negotiated at a later time with investors (Off market trading)." }, { "idGlosario" : 32, "palabra" : "Bearer Stock", "descripcion" : "Publicly held stocks. They can be transferred by means of a simple trade at the Stock Exchange." }, { "idGlosario" : 172, "palabra" : "Bid Spread", "descripcion" : "Minimum amount at which the unitary price of a security may vary. It is expressed as a fraction of the market or nominal price of such security. In order to be valid, a bid that intends to change the current price of any security must do so at least for the amount of the bid spread." }, { "idGlosario" : 160, "palabra" : "Bid or Ask", "descripcion" : "Offer to buy or sell a certain number of shares at a set price, entered through the different access means authorized to operate in the market." }, { "idGlosario" : 64, "palabra" : "Bondes", "descripcion" : "Development bonds form the Federal Government. Debt securities issued by the Federal Government in order to finance prolonged maturity projects." }, { "idGlosario" : 66, "palabra" : "Bonds", "descripcion" : "Debt securities that represent the individual participation of the Bondholders in a collective loan of a Corporation." }, { "idGlosario" : 67, "palabra" : "Brady Bonds", "descripcion" : "Obligation issued by sovereign governments of emerging markets to substitute banking debt as a result of a negotiation between the debtor and his creditors." }, { "idGlosario" : 90, "palabra" : "Brokerage", "descripcion" : "Intermediation activity defined by the Commerce Code, referred as the buying or selling of assets by order of third parties." }, { "idGlosario" : 78, "palabra" : "Brokerage Firms", "descripcion" : "Authorized institutions to participate at the stock market as brokers or dealers. They have the following functions, perform buy and sell trades, advise companies at their securities' underwriting process and to investors in their portfolio decisions; as well as receive funds for securities trades and perform securities' trades at the BMV's electronic system, operated by its traders." }, { "idGlosario" : 80, "palabra" : "CETES (Treasury Certificates)", "descripcion" : "Bearer securities issued and payable by the Federal Government at maturity." }, { "idGlosario" : 83, "palabra" : "CNBV (National of Banking and Securities Commission)", "descripcion" : "It is a branch of the SHCP, with technical and executive autonomy, which regulates the operation of the stock exchanges, the activities of Brokerage Firms and of the securities' central depository. The CNBV can order a trading halt or administratively overtake the intermediaries who do not comply with good market practices. It is responsible for the Registro Nacional de Valores (National Registrar), where every security traded in the BMV is registered." }, { "idGlosario" : 91, "palabra" : "CPO (Certificado de Participación Ordinaria)", "descripcion" : "Ordinary participation certificate. They are certificates that represents provisional rights over the returns and other benefits of the securities that in turn are part of an irrevocable trust." }, { "idGlosario" : 92, "palabra" : "CUFIN (Cuenta de Utilidad Fiscal Neta)", "descripcion" : "Net Fiscal Earnings Account." }, { "idGlosario" : 82, "palabra" : "Circulars", "descripcion" : "Provisions issued by the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission)." }, { "idGlosario" : 74, "palabra" : "Clearinghouse", "descripcion" : "Financial institution who acts as a guarantor of the incumbent transactions. The Clearinghouse is the hub of all transactions acting as a buyer for the sellers and seller for the buyers." }, { "idGlosario" : 164, "palabra" : "Closing Price", "descripcion" : "Last Weighted Average Price calculated during the session for every stock listed at the BMV. If that is not available, the last buy/sell trade registered during the pertinent session. In the absence of both, the last known price." }, { "idGlosario" : 151, "palabra" : "Commercial Paper", "descripcion" : "Negotiable debt instrument without a specific or credit institution guarantee. It is short term debt." }, { "idGlosario" : 34, "palabra" : "Common Stock", "descripcion" : "Those which, according to the Corporation's bylaws, have no special grade or preference. Common stockholders have voting rights in almost every corporate act of the Company (such as choosing the Board of Directors or voting on the Company's policies). They will have dividend payments only after the preferred stock shareholders have been paid. Common stocks are also known as ordinary stocks." }, { "idGlosario" : 85, "palabra" : "Comparison", "descripcion" : "The mechanism to determine the money amount and number of securities to be exchanged between two counterparties. The comparison process is performed electronically by S.D. Indeval, which avoids the physical exchange of documents." }, { "idGlosario" : 35, "palabra" : "Convertible shares", "descripcion" : "Those with certain acquired privileges that will, in a predetermined time frame, might gain additional or different privileges from those they started with." }, { "idGlosario" : 72, "palabra" : "Creditworthiness", "descripcion" : "The issuer's capacity and opportunity to pay to its creditors. Under the category \"creditworthiness\", rating agencies evaluate the history and experience of the administration of a Mutual Fund, its operational policies, internal controls, risk control; differences between the actual portfolio against the prospectus, as well as the quality of the assets." }, { "idGlosario" : 93, "palabra" : "Custody", "descripcion" : "It is understood as the service of the physical safekeeping of securities and/or its electronic registry at a bank or a depository institution, in which the bank or depository assumes responsibility of the securities." }, { "idGlosario" : 142, "palabra" : "Debentures", "descripcion" : "Credit instrument representing the individual participation of the holders in a collective credit in charge of a stock corporation." }, { "idGlosario" : 197, "palabra" : "Debt Securities", "descripcion" : "Instruments that represents the commitment of the issuer who must return the face value at a certain date. The security is issued at face value, and must specify interest payment and partial amortizations if any." }, { "idGlosario" : 94, "palabra" : "Deficit", "descripcion" : "Economic situation where expenses exceeds income. It expresses the negative difference between gains and losses." }, { "idGlosario" : 96, "palabra" : "Demutualization", "descripcion" : "A global trend process, where Stock Exchanges are turning from non-profit entities managed by its members, to profit-driven corporations controlled by shareholders. It consists of three stages. The first stage involves establishing a corporation and assigning an exchange value of the membership for shares." }, { "idGlosario" : 168, "palabra" : "Derivative Products", "descripcion" : "See Derivatives." }, { "idGlosario" : 95, "palabra" : "Derivatives", "descripcion" : "Family or group of financial instruments implemented after 1972, whose principal characteristic is that their pricing is referred to an underlying or reference value (equity or debt securities, indexes, interest rates and other financial instruments). These derivative products began as hedge securities covering price fluctuations in farming and industrial products (commodities) in highly volatile situations. The most common derivatives are futures, options, warrants and swaps." }, { "idGlosario" : 97, "palabra" : "Devaluation", "descripcion" : "Loss of value or purchasing power of money in local currency against other currencies." }, { "idGlosario" : 98, "palabra" : "Dividends", "descripcion" : "Rights given by the stock issuing corporations." }, { "idGlosario" : 99, "palabra" : "Dow Jones", "descripcion" : "US markets index." }, { "idGlosario" : 173, "palabra" : "Down Tick", "descripcion" : "Agreed price of a transaction traded by using the electronic negotiation system that is lower than the last price of the same security." }, { "idGlosario" : 100, "palabra" : "EMISNET", "descripcion" : "Data transmission network developed by the BMV, through which listed companies relay, via the Internet, its relevant news and financial reports to the Exchange, the CNBV and the general public." }, { "idGlosario" : 48, "palabra" : "Exchange Listing", "descripcion" : "Application by which securities are official accepted into the listed market." }, { "idGlosario" : 165, "palabra" : "Exercise Price", "descripcion" : "Price agreed at which the buy/sell operation will be realized by a derivative security." }, { "idGlosario" : 201, "palabra" : "Face Value", "descripcion" : "It is the referenced price, expressed in national currency, which appears at the securities at the time of its issuance, expressing the amount of money it represents and as a reference to define its subscription price. In the debt securities, the face value is the amount of money at maturity." }, { "idGlosario" : 107, "palabra" : "Factoring", "descripcion" : "Credit collection service. A Company sells its accounts receivable to a Factoring Company, sometimes a bank subsidiary, at a certain discount. This way, the Factoring Company collects the proceeds receivable and obtains its earnings through the discount. The benefit of the selling Company is a better cash flow. Likewise, a Factoring Company can offer short term financing." }, { "idGlosario" : 41, "palabra" : "Financial Asset", "descripcion" : "They are valuable assets like gold, money or credits granted to third parties; used as well as the generic name of liquid investments (stocks, bonds, notes, etc.)." }, { "idGlosario" : 105, "palabra" : "Financial Statements", "descripcion" : "Documents that show the financial situation of a Company." }, { "idGlosario" : 53, "palabra" : "Financial Yearbook", "descripcion" : "An annual statistical compilation of the financial statements of listed companies." }, { "idGlosario" : 43, "palabra" : "Fixed Asset", "descripcion" : "They are real estate, other assets or rights that are considered as capital expenditures." }, { "idGlosario" : 110, "palabra" : "Fluctuations", "descripcion" : "Variation range of the price of a security. Price differences of a security as compared to an index or base." }, { "idGlosario" : 112, "palabra" : "Forward", "descripcion" : "Non-standardized futures contracts that are tailor made for the specific operation and are not negotiated in organized markets." }, { "idGlosario" : 89, "palabra" : "Forward Agreement", "descripcion" : "It is the one signed by two parties that agree to buy or sell a specific asset at a future date. It differs from a future in which it is agreed directly between the parties, without intervention of a clearinghouse and can only be settled at maturity." }, { "idGlosario" : 166, "palabra" : "Future Price", "descripcion" : "Price per unit of the underlying value agreed in a future contract at the date of the agreement. This will be adjusted daily to reflect the losses and gains of the underling price's behavior. See MexDer." }, { "idGlosario" : 86, "palabra" : "Futures Contract", "descripcion" : "Standardized contract in term, amount, quality and quantity, among other characteristics, to buy or sell an underlying asset, at a certain price, whose settlement will be at a pre-determined date. If the futures contract is agreed considering differences' payment, the underlying asset will not be delivery. The type of underlying determines the type of future." }, { "idGlosario" : 114, "palabra" : "Holding Company", "descripcion" : "Corporation whose only objective is to own of stakes of other companies." }, { "idGlosario" : 209, "palabra" : "INPC (National Index Consumer Prices)", "descripcion" : "Indicator that shows the change of the average price of the principal consumer products." }, { "idGlosario" : 205, "palabra" : "Index", "descripcion" : "Statistical measure designed to show the change of one or more related variables in time. Mathematical ratio obtained from a formula that shows the tendencies of a sample." }, { "idGlosario" : 140, "palabra" : "Index Sample", "descripcion" : "Balanced, weighted and representative selection of the group of stocks traded in the BMV, used to calculate price indexes." }, { "idGlosario" : 143, "palabra" : "Initial Public Offering", "descripcion" : "initial placement of securities among the investing public through the Mexican Stock Exchange." }, { "idGlosario" : 124, "palabra" : "Institutional Investors", "descripcion" : "Investors represented by mutual funds, pension funds and other high investment capacity entities." }, { "idGlosario" : 121, "palabra" : "Interest", "descripcion" : "Price paid by the issuer for the use of the funds that are loaned to it. The interest is a liability for those who pay and income for those who receive it." }, { "idGlosario" : 194, "palabra" : "Interest Rate", "descripcion" : "Return stated in percentage terms (for the investor) or cost (for the issuer), according to the committed capital into a debt instrument." }, { "idGlosario" : 122, "palabra" : "Intermediaries/Brokers", "descripcion" : "Brokerage Houses duly authorized by the CNBV to trade in the Securities market." }, { "idGlosario" : 188, "palabra" : "Inverse Split", "descripcion" : "Reduction in the number of shares outstanding of an issuer, without varying its equity size. The inverse split increases the nominal or theoretical value of its outstanding shares." }, { "idGlosario" : 123, "palabra" : "Investors", "descripcion" : "Individuals or entities, national or foreign, who, through a brokerage firm, put their financial resources in exchange for securities in order to obtain profits." }, { "idGlosario" : 39, "palabra" : "Issuing Resolution", "descripcion" : "This is a corporation's unilateral declaration of will to issue securities, according to a Board of Directors' resolution and certified by a public notary. The resolution must list the issuer's information, legal representative, description of the securities, the price and the issued amount." }, { "idGlosario" : 65, "palabra" : "Junk Bond", "descripcion" : "Bonds issued with very few or no warranties or settlement value; typically they offer high interests and very high risk. This type of bonds has been a very popular instrument to purchase shares packages which allow for a company's control, mergers and acquisitions." }, { "idGlosario" : 126, "palabra" : "LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate)", "descripcion" : "Current annual interest rate that applies to first class inter-bank loans in London, England. It is used as a reference rate to calculate the total interest rate of some international loans." }, { "idGlosario" : 56, "palabra" : "Leasing Company", "descripcion" : "Auxiliary financial organization that, bind by a lease contract, is forced to acquire a specific asset and to allow its temporary use to an individual or a Company, which in turn is committed to a series of payments that cover the asset price plus financial expenses, etc." }, { "idGlosario" : 54, "palabra" : "Leveraging", "descripcion" : "1. The use of capital loans to enhance the investment performance. 2. The relationship between outstanding liabilities to the Company's equity. 3. The condition of an operation or investment that implies the use of a third party's resources." }, { "idGlosario" : 153, "palabra" : "Liability", "descripcion" : "Amount recognized on the right side of the balance sheet, showing the Company's resources and specifies the origin of the funds that finance the Assets. The main elements are the credits and other variable short and long term obligations, as well as any provisions (contingent liabilities)." }, { "idGlosario" : 130, "palabra" : "Liquidity", "descripcion" : "A security's quality of being negotiated in the market with more or less difficulty." }, { "idGlosario" : 101, "palabra" : "Listed Companies", "descripcion" : "Companies that issue equity and/or debt securities." }, { "idGlosario" : 84, "palabra" : "Listing Process", "descripcion" : "It is the effective placement of financial assets by the issuing entity or through an intermediary. Also, it can be viewed as the transformation of excess capital by investing into different assets." }, { "idGlosario" : 159, "palabra" : "Long Position to a Future", "descripcion" : "Position maintained by the buyer of a future. Number of contracts that each of the series of which the client acts as the buyer. See MexDer." }, { "idGlosario" : 154, "palabra" : "Long Term Liability", "descripcion" : "Amount that represents the obligations that the Company must liquidate in terms exceeding one year starting on the date that are reflected in the Company balance sheets." }, { "idGlosario" : 133, "palabra" : "Lot", "descripcion" : "Minimum amount of shares that are conventionally traded in a transaction." }, { "idGlosario" : 77, "palabra" : "Market Capitalization", "descripcion" : "Market price of a stock times its outstanding number of shares." }, { "idGlosario" : 109, "palabra" : "Market Financing", "descripcion" : "Financing obtained by placing securities at the market." }, { "idGlosario" : 178, "palabra" : "Market Risk", "descripcion" : "Risk that affects the holder of any security, due to market generated price fluctuations." }, { "idGlosario" : 71, "palabra" : "Marketability", "descripcion" : "Ease to buy or sell the stock from a particular issuer." }, { "idGlosario" : 138, "palabra" : "MexDer", "descripcion" : "Company known as MexDer, Mercado Mexicano de Derivados, S.A. de C.V. that has the objective of providing installations and the necessary services for the trading and negotiation of futures and options contracts." }, { "idGlosario" : 125, "palabra" : "Mexican Securities Law", "descripcion" : "A provision governing the public offering of securities; their brokerage; the activities of the trading individuals and entities participating in the market; the structure and operation of the National Securities Registry and the scope of the authorities responsible for promoting the balanced development of the market and the healthy competition." }, { "idGlosario" : 63, "palabra" : "Mexican Stock Exchange", "descripcion" : "Headquarters institution for the Mexican stock exchange. Institution responsible for providing the infrastructure, supervision and the necessary services for perform the issuance, placing and exchange processes of stock and securities registered in the National Securities Registry (RNV), and of other financial instruments as well. Also, it discloses the stock information, performs the administrative management of transactions and transmits the respective information to SD Indeval, supervises the activities from the issuing companies and exchanges regarding the strict adherence to the applicable dispositions, and fosters the expansion and competitiveness of the Mexican securities market. " }, { "idGlosario" : 103, "palabra" : "Mexican Stock Exchange School", "descripcion" : "A Subsidiary whose function is to provide up to date courses for the securities industry." }, { "idGlosario" : 180, "palabra" : "Ministry of Finance and Public Credit", "descripcion" : "An entity representing the highest authority of the Mexican Government in economic matters, as well as the agent that enforces financial policy. It is responsible, among other things, for the granting and revocation of licenses of stock exchange brokers and security exchanges, defining their operating areas and imposing administrative penalties upon those violating laws and regulations." }, { "idGlosario" : 139, "palabra" : "MoNeT", "descripcion" : "Motor de Negociación Transaccional de los Mercados de Capitales y Derivados del Grupo BMV." }, { "idGlosario" : 69, "palabra" : "Monetary Regulation Bonds from the Bank of Mexico (BREMS)", "descripcion" : "Bonds issued by the Bank of Mexico in order to regulate the liquidity in the Money market and thus facilitate the conduct of the monetary policy." }, { "idGlosario" : 111, "palabra" : "Mutual Funds", "descripcion" : "Investment Companies set with the purpose of investment into selected securities according to the criteria of diversifying risks, with financial resources coming from the placing of its stocks among investors." }, { "idGlosario" : 175, "palabra" : "National Securities Registrar", "descripcion" : "Registrar managed by the CNBV. Only the securities listed here may be offered to the public. The subscription or sale offer abroad of Mexican issued securities, is subject to the inscription of the securities at the Special Section." }, { "idGlosario" : 156, "palabra" : "Odd-lot", "descripcion" : "Amount of securities smaller than established by a lot. The odd-lot transactions must be traded at the last registered price and are subject to particular operation rules." }, { "idGlosario" : 145, "palabra" : "Odd-lot Trade", "descripcion" : "Trade executed at the electronic system that implies the buy and sell of a number of shares smaller than a lot." }, { "idGlosario" : 171, "palabra" : "Online Publications", "descripcion" : "Information services of the BMV, it allows access to all the publication generated by the Exchange at its web page." }, { "idGlosario" : 163, "palabra" : "Opening Price", "descripcion" : "Price used as a reference for every stock at the trading session's opening. It can be the closing price of the last session, the adjusted price (in case of the Company using some corporate or buyer right) or the base price stated for the auction trade mode at the beginning of such auction." }, { "idGlosario" : 88, "palabra" : "Options Contract", "descripcion" : "Standardized contract, in which the buyer, by paying the premium, acquires from the seller the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at an agreed price at a future date, and the seller is committed to buy or sell, accordingly, such asset at the specified price. If the options contract is agreed considering payment of differences, the underlying asset will not be delivery." }, { "idGlosario" : 147, "palabra" : "Order", "descripcion" : "The instructions given by a client to a broker for the latter to perform a buy-and-sell bid through the different access means authorized to operate in the market." }, { "idGlosario" : 128, "palabra" : "Order Book", "descripcion" : "Area within BMV-Sentra Capitales or the Negotiation Terminals owned by the Stock Exchange which allows to look up, close, modify and cancel buy-and-sell orders." }, { "idGlosario" : 148, "palabra" : "Out of the Money", "descripcion" : "When an option has no intrinsic value." }, { "idGlosario" : 149, "palabra" : "Over the Counter", "descripcion" : "Expression used to distinguish all those trades or products that are negotiated outside of an organized exchange. In the US the OTC market trades bonds, derivatives and stocks, its requirements and trades are more flexible than at established exchanges." }, { "idGlosario" : 152, "palabra" : "Parity", "descripcion" : "The relation between the call and put options when they have the same underlying, exercise price and term." }, { "idGlosario" : 36, "palabra" : "Preferred Stock", "descripcion" : "Those that enjoy certain rights over other shareholders in a Company. Those rights usually refer as to be paid first if the Company is forced into liquidation, as well as for dividend payments. They are issued with a predetermined dividend that must be covered before those of the common stock. Generally they don't have voting power." }, { "idGlosario" : 132, "palabra" : "Preliminary Registry", "descripcion" : "Section of the Registry List of the BMV that are integrated by companies that intend to place securities according to the applicable dispositions." }, { "idGlosario" : 161, "palabra" : "Price", "descripcion" : "Monetary value assigned to an asset." }, { "idGlosario" : 150, "palabra" : "Promissory Note", "descripcion" : "Document that states the unconditional promise of payment by the issuer or subscriber, regarding a determined amount, with or without interests, within a term stated in the document, in favor of the beneficiary or holder." }, { "idGlosario" : 170, "palabra" : "Prospectus", "descripcion" : "Document made by the issuing Company and its placing agent as a requisite to realize a Public Offering and for ordinary participation shares placing. It includes all relevant information of the securities that will be placed at the market, considered to be enough for complete and accurate information revealing of the issuer. The prospectus is required by the authorities to obtain the inscription at the RNV. The prospectuses are available to the public ten days prior to the Public Offering at the BMV web site. " }, { "idGlosario" : 73, "palabra" : "Rating Agencies", "descripcion" : "Independent institutions that evaluate the issuing Company and its debt securities to establish the risk that the investor is exposed with such securities. They evaluate the certainty of the issuer's timely capital and coupons' payment as well as its legal existence, pondering its financial situation." }, { "idGlosario" : 102, "palabra" : "Recognized Foreign Issuers", "descripcion" : "The certificates that represent the equity of foreign issuers, whose securities' market of origin has not been yet recognized by the CNBV, can be listed at the SIC without the applicable dispositions for recognized issuers, as long as the securities are listed or registered in an exchange recognized by the CNBV." }, { "idGlosario" : 137, "palabra" : "Recognized Foreign Markets", "descripcion" : "For listing and securities trade purposes in the SIC and according to the CNBV's 10-176 memorandum, they are recognized by such entity, without the need for previous application, the stock exchanges, in its stock segments, that deals in the countries that are part of the Technical Committee of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, and whose authorities consider them as the main market. The following are considered as such, American Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers, New York Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, Bolsa de Madrid, Euronext, Borsa Italiana, Swiss Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Stockholmsbörsen, Toronto Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse AG, Hong Kong Stock Exchange." }, { "idGlosario" : 131, "palabra" : "Registry List", "descripcion" : "List where securities (debt or equity) are registered according to the internal regulation of the BMV." }, { "idGlosario" : 106, "palabra" : "Relevant Events", "descripcion" : "Any act that is capable of having an impact in a security's price." }, { "idGlosario" : 177, "palabra" : "Repurchase Agreement", "descripcion" : "Transaction by which the intermediary delivers to the investor the securities in exchange for its current price (nominal price minus discount), with the firm commitment to buy them back at a determined date, prior to maturity, at the price paid plus a premium. This operation allows returns on treasury surplus in short terms." }, { "idGlosario" : 47, "palabra" : "Retirement Funds Administration Company (AFORE)", "descripcion" : "It is a financial entity created by the IMSS's law on January 1st, 1997, that is specialized in the administration of the individual retirement accounts of employees whose funds, in turn, are invested at the Retirement Funds Specialized Mutual Funds." }, { "idGlosario" : 46, "palabra" : "Risk Management", "descripcion" : "It is the process in which risk exposure is identified, measured and controlled. It is an essential element for the permanence of any business. The Risk Management function ensures the fulfillment of the Risk Committee's policies, reinforces analytical capacity, defines valuation methodologies, measures risk and defines procedures and homogeneous controls." }, { "idGlosario" : 208, "palabra" : "S&P/BMV INMEX (Mexico Index)", "descripcion" : "Market capitalization weighted index of issuers that are part of the sample used for its calculation. Unlike the S&P/BMV IPC, the weight (proportional weight) of a single stock of the S&P/BMV INMEX cannot be above 10% at the beginning of the sample period." }, { "idGlosario" : 207, "palabra" : "S&P/BMV IPC (Price and Quotation Index)", "descripcion" : "An indicator of the stock market evolution, calculated as a function of the price variations of a selection of stocks, known as the sample, balanced, weighted and representative of the stocks traded at the BMV." }, { "idGlosario" : 179, "palabra" : "SD Indeval", "descripcion" : "Institution in charge of making the transfers, compensation and settlement of all the securities traded at the BMV. It is a private Company run with concession granted by the Mexican financial authorities and is regulated by the Stock Market Law.:\nSecretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público: Government Branch that represents the top financial authority of the Federal Government, as well as the executive arm for the financial policies. Among other functions it grants or revokes the concessions granted for the market intermediaries and exchanges, defines its activities areas and administratively punishes those who break the laws and regulations." }, { "idGlosario" : 181, "palabra" : "SENTRA", "descripcion" : "See BMV-SENTRA." }, { "idGlosario" : 186, "palabra" : "SIC (International Quotation System)", "descripcion" : "Mechanism designed to list and trade, at the BMV, securities that were not publicly offered in México and that are listed in foreign stock exchanges acknowledged by the CNBV, or whose issuers have been recognized by the CNBV." }, { "idGlosario" : 183, "palabra" : "SIF (Servicios de Integración Financiera)", "descripcion" : "Subsidiary of the BMV created to operate and manage debt markets transactions systems. It offers electronic and telephonic compensation services to the debt markets intermediaries (brokerage firms and banks domiciled in Mexico)." }, { "idGlosario" : 68, "palabra" : "Savings Protection Bonds (IPAB)", "descripcion" : "Bonds issued by the Bank Savings Protection Institute (IPAB) and placed by the Bank of Mexico. They are used to redeem or refinance their financial liabilities in order to face their payment obligations, grant liquidity to their securities, and improve the terms and conditions of their financial obligations." }, { "idGlosario" : 210, "palabra" : "Sector Indexes", "descripcion" : "Stock price indexes calculated for each economic sector, as defined by the BMV." }, { "idGlosario" : 45, "palabra" : "Securities Administration", "descripcion" : "Administration of the payment service of the exercise of rights, either in kind or in cash, earned by the deposited securities." }, { "idGlosario" : 135, "palabra" : "Securities Market", "descripcion" : "Place in which securities sellers and buyers gather." }, { "idGlosario" : 52, "palabra" : "Securities Market Yearbook", "descripcion" : "Statistical compilation of the securities market." }, { "idGlosario" : 58, "palabra" : "Self Regulation", "descripcion" : "It is the activity by which security market's participants can self-impose conduct and operative rules, supervise their fulfillment and punish non-compliance, thus constructing an ethical and work order for all securities professionals as a complement of the formal authority." }, { "idGlosario" : 129, "palabra" : "Settlement", "descripcion" : "Mechanism by which, after a trade, the securities are moved to the account(s) of the new owner and the cash is credited to the counterparty's account." }, { "idGlosario" : 37, "palabra" : "Shareholder/Investor", "descripcion" : "Permanent or temporary stock owners of a Corporation. This situation grants them the status of partners of a Company and gives them corporative and ownership rights." }, { "idGlosario" : 76, "palabra" : "Shares Exchange", "descripcion" : "The physical exchange of an outstanding security for another; the reasons can be coupon termination, a split, reverse-split, issuer's denomination change, merge or a split or spin-off." }, { "idGlosario" : 158, "palabra" : "Short Position to a Future", "descripcion" : "Position maintained by an investor who commits to sell an underlying, through a future contract. Number of contracts for each of the series at which the client acts as the seller. See MexDer." }, { "idGlosario" : 155, "palabra" : "Short Term Liability", "descripcion" : "Amount that represents the obligations that the Company must liquidate within one year of the issue of the balance sheet." }, { "idGlosario" : 185, "palabra" : "SiBolsa", "descripcion" : "It is the new delivery platform for stock and financial information from the BMV, which comprises Real-time information on the Capitals Market, Derivatives, Debt and Exchanges, as well as international information which allows the system users to have a global vision of the stock markets." }, { "idGlosario" : 104, "palabra" : "Speculation", "descripcion" : "It is the activity that consists of assuming a risk larger than the average with an expectation of obtaining above average returns than those of a regular commercial or financial operation. Speculation is used in the buying and selling of any kind of goods, raw materials, securities, indexes, commodities, etc." }, { "idGlosario" : 187, "palabra" : "Split", "descripcion" : "Increase in the number of shares outstanding from an issuer, without varying its equity size. The split reduces the nominal value or, if this is not stated, the theoretical value of the total shares outstanding." }, { "idGlosario" : 136, "palabra" : "Spot Market", "descripcion" : "Market where the delivery and payment of the negotiated goods are done at the time of the trade. The price in which the good is negotiated is known as the \"spot price\"." }, { "idGlosario" : 189, "palabra" : "Spread", "descripcion" : "Difference between the selling and buying price of a security." }, { "idGlosario" : 75, "palabra" : "Stock Basket", "descripcion" : "A group of stocks of different series and issuers that is taken as a reference unit for certain derivative contracts." }, { "idGlosario" : 70, "palabra" : "Stock Brokerage", "descripcion" : "Related to the Stock activity." }, { "idGlosario" : 62, "palabra" : "Stock Bulletin", "descripcion" : "Daily statistical publication." }, { "idGlosario" : 206, "palabra" : "Stock Index", "descripcion" : "A reference value that shows the behavior or a group of stock. It is calculated by a formula that considers different variables." }, { "idGlosario" : 134, "palabra" : "Stock Market", "descripcion" : "Place in which capital securities (stocks and bonds) are traded." }, { "idGlosario" : 182, "palabra" : "Stock Series", "descripcion" : "Classes of Stocks. In México, the stocks can have different classes or series, which grants different rights. The most common series are A, B and C." }, { "idGlosario" : 196, "palabra" : "Stock Titles", "descripcion" : "See Shares." }, { "idGlosario" : 33, "palabra" : "Stocks", "descripcion" : "Equal parts of a Company's equity. They are fractions of the equity of a partnership or Company." }, { "idGlosario" : 192, "palabra" : "Subscriber", "descripcion" : "Denomination given to the owner of Company stock, whom exercises their subscription rights." }, { "idGlosario" : 191, "palabra" : "Subscription", "descripcion" : "Increase of the equity of a Company by the payment of the corresponding stocks. Its purpose is to gather financial resources to finance the Company's expansion. The subscription is a directed or private offer for those who are stockholders of the Company; the term to exercise that right is 15 days starting at the announcement at the Official Newspaper. It is also known as a capitalization." }, { "idGlosario" : 193, "palabra" : "Swap", "descripcion" : "Private agreement by which the participants are committed to exchange cash-flows on later dates, specified at the moment of the negotiation. The swap is an instrument used to reduce the financial cost and risk, or to overcome financial market obstacles. Also know as a financial exchange." }, { "idGlosario" : 157, "palabra" : "Term", "descripcion" : "Length of time before a debt security becomes due for payment. In general, issues can be of 28, 91, 182 and 364 days, although there has been issues for longer terms." }, { "idGlosario" : 195, "palabra" : "Title", "descripcion" : "Document that represents the right that its possessor has over equity or a debt. These documents are subject to commercial trade and its cession transfers the property or its implied rights." }, { "idGlosario" : 113, "palabra" : "Trade", "descripcion" : "Securities buy-and-sell transaction executed through the different access means authorized to operate in the market." }, { "idGlosario" : 127, "palabra" : "Trade Book", "descripcion" : "A section within BMV-Sentra Capitales or the Negotiation Terminals owned by the Stock Exchanges, displaying the characteristics of the operations transacted." }, { "idGlosario" : 141, "palabra" : "Trade Receipt", "descripcion" : "Paper registry used to register trades. They include the series, issuer, price and number of shares traded." }, { "idGlosario" : 146, "palabra" : "Traders", "descripcion" : "Individuals designated and empowered by the stock exchanges, and authorized by the BMV and the CNBV to carry out buy-and-sell transactions with securities, through the different access means authorized to operate in the Mexican Stock Exchange." }, { "idGlosario" : 184, "palabra" : "Trading Session", "descripcion" : "Time period at which trades takes place at the BMV." }, { "idGlosario" : 198, "palabra" : "Transfer", "descripcion" : "Understood as the change in the ownership of securities. In the case of the Deposit of Securities, it will be performed via the wire or bank transfer from one account to the other, through entries in the institution's register." }, { "idGlosario" : 199, "palabra" : "Transfer", "descripcion" : "Transfer between accounts." }, { "idGlosario" : 108, "palabra" : "Trust", "descripcion" : "Legal entity that protects the delivery of certain goods from an individual or a corporation (trustee) to an institution that guaranties the safekeeping of the goods (Trust Company), whose benefits will then be handed over to the designated person (beneficiary), according to the conditions and terms established in the trust agreement." }, { "idGlosario" : 200, "palabra" : "UDIBONOS", "descripcion" : "Long term Federal Government bonds denominated in investment units. The exchange into currency is set at the current price of the UDI, at the day of settlement. " }, { "idGlosario" : 190, "palabra" : "Underlying", "descripcion" : "Asset or index, object of a Futures or Option Contract, traded at the Derivatives Market. The prices of the derivative products are a function of the reference values. These may be capital or debt securities, indexes, reference rates and other financial values. It is also known as referential values." }, { "idGlosario" : 42, "palabra" : "Underlying Asset", "descripcion" : "They are the securities, commodities or indexes, subject to a Futures or Options Contract and traded at the Derivatives Exchange. The prices of the derivatives are a function of the price of the underlying. These can be on stocks, indexes or a securities basket." }, { "idGlosario" : 174, "palabra" : "Up Tick", "descripcion" : "Agreed price of a trade traded by using the electronic negotiation system that is higher than the last price of the same security." }, { "idGlosario" : 202, "palabra" : "Warrant", "descripcion" : "Buy or sell optional securities issued by financial intermediaries or companies. In exchange for a premium, the holder acquires the right to buy or sell to the issuer a determined number of the referred securities, at an exercise price and within a time frame established at the document." }, { "idGlosario" : 167, "palabra" : "Weighted Average Price (PPP)", "descripcion" : "A factor calculated by the BMV for every one of the listed stocks. The prices, at which the trades were done in the last 20 minutes of each session, are weighted by volume. The last WAP calculated in the session is considered to be the Closing Price." }, { "idGlosario" : 176, "palabra" : "Yield", "descripcion" : "Benefit produced by an investment. The annualized yield expressed in percentage terms regarding the investment is called yield rate. Yields are not obtained only through capital gains (difference between the purchase price and the sale price), but also through the interest offered by the instrument, mainly in debt instruments and through dividends declared by the issuing company." } ] } }, "success" : true })
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