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Official Program of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

It monitors in real time the prices of the local and global equities market, performs technical, fundamental analysis, follows the exchange rate and evaluates information on the Debt market, finds all this in a single screen, designed for investors and traders, both private and institutional.

Type of information: Ideal Real Time Information for Investors and Advisors.

TechnologyReal-time programme for PC. 

 Tips :Visit SiBolsa and request your 15 days demo account. 

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Products Description
Basic SiBolsa  Real-Time Prices, Main Market Indices, Multiple Rates and Financial Reports.
SiBolsa Plus Basic SiBolsa + International Market Information.
Market Depth 10 level positions in the market.
Real-Time International Indices The main Real-Time Indices of International Markets. 


Documentation and Technical Specification


Document Update date
Price list - physical person June 2019
Price list - moral person June 2019

App Content

Market Information

Content Description
Global and local Equities market. Basic and complementary market information.
Debt Market (VALMER) Debt Market information provided by VALMER.
MexDer (Derivatives Market)  Futures, Options, SWAPS
Commodities. Commodities closing prices.  
Exchange Market Purchase and Sale Prices of the main Currencies.  (USD, EUR, CAD, BRL, JPY).
Mutual funds Mutual Funds Prices (Equities, Debt, SIEFORES)
International Indices  Main International Indices (DJ, S&P 500, EURONEXT, NIKKEI)

Reference Information

Content Description
Macroeconomic indicators National macroeconomic indicators (INPC,PIB, TIIE, CETES, UDIS, inflation,direct investment, etc.)
Quarterly financial information Quarterly financial information report of MSE listed Issuers. 
Market Repurchase Stock Repurchase history.
Trades Information Rights applied by the Equities Market Issuer (dividends, splits, swaps.) 
Debt Calculators Debt Calculators (Corporate, Government, Eurobonds).

Analysis Tools

Content Description
Real-time charts. Real-time equities market charts. Perform technical analysis with our Indicators.
Creation of Groups and Portfolios. Create lists of stock and make simulations of purchase or sale, you can also register your own operations and take your registration on our platform.
Copy with Links in Excel Copy the Equities Market Prices to Excel and see how they are updated in Real Time.


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