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Certificates of Capital Development (CKD’es)

"CKD´es" are Certificates of Capital Development issued by the trusteeship, which supports the channeling of resources to investments in developing sectors and will provide, flexibility and new options for portfolio diversification to ‘Qualified and Institutional Investors’ in our country.

CKD’es are defined as securities or trust securities intended to finance one or more projects, or for the acquisition of one or more companies. CKD’es performance is linked to their property underlying assets. The product yields are not given due to payment of principal or interest default, but the usufruct and benefits of each project.

CKD’es are designed to enhance projects of:

  • Infrastructure (highways, airports, ports, railways, potable water, electricity).
  • Real estate.
  • Mining.
  • Business in General.
  • Technology Development projects.
  • Private capital projects.

CKD'es Brochure

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