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Economic Activity

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Jessica Liliana Rayon Soto (5255) 5342-9089
Indices Specialist
Pavel Esquivel Vazquez (5255) 5342-9083
Indices and Statistics Deputy Managing Director
Ruben Alfonso Perera Santos (5255) 5342-9050
Information Products, Indices and Statistics Director

Economic Activity Indices

The Economic Activity Indices of the Mexican Stock Exchange and S&P Dow Jones Indices are indicators that reflect the behavior of the different Sectors (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) of the Mexican Stock Market which make up the Economic Activity of the country by including the most liquid companies of each activity in their Constituent Lists, in function of the prices variations of a balanced, weighted and representative constituent list.

PRIMARY SECTOR: Activities in which the natural resources are extracted and exploited, as they are attained from nature, either it is for food or for raw materials generation (consumption or commercialization).

  • Agriculture
  • Logging
  • Stock breeding, ranching
  • Mining
  • Fishing

SECONDARY SECTOR: It refers to the industry in general, where the use of machinery and automated processes totransform raw materials obtained from the primary sector (including factories, manufacturing, workshops, laboratories, etc.) are predominant. More complex products are developed from raw materials.

  • Construction
  • Electricity, gas and water
  • Manufacturing Industry

TERTIARY SECTOR: There’s no production of material goods as such, here products made in the secondary sector (including communications and transport) are sold or exploited (services)

They produce comfort and satisfaction of human needs through the provision of services.

  • Comerce
  • Services
  • Transportation

With these indices the Mexican Stock Exchange and S&P Dow Jones Indices offers the investing audience one more alternative to follow up the stock market behavior by grouping in the different constituent lists every economic activity that participate in it.

The Economic Activity Indices are:



S&P/BMV Mining & Agriculture Index

Mining and agriculture

S&P/BMV Manufacturing, Electricity, & Water  Index

Manufacturing industry, Electricity, Gas and Water sectors.

S&P/BMV Construction Index


S&P/BMV Retail & Distributors Index

Retail and Distributors

S&P/BMV Infrastructure & Transportation  Index

Infrastructure and Transportation

S&P/BMV Financial Services Index

Financial Services

S&P/BMV Commercial Services  Index

Commerce and Services

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